The Case Of The Missing Method - A Ruby Mystery Story

Business is slow for Ruby Private Investigator, Deirdre Bug. She’s on the verge of switching industry when she gets a call from an anxious young man. "Some class methods have gone missing," he tells her breathlessly. "I need your help."

Deirdre takes the case and begins exploring Ruby objects behind the scenes. Though she thinks she's on familiar ground — Ruby's object model, method lookup — she's about to discover that she really has no clue.

Delivered at Bath Ruby 2018, EuRuKo 2018, RubyConf Malaysia (keynote), RubyConf 2018, RubyConf AU 2019 (opening keynote), TraversalConf 2019, DeccanRubyConf 2019, and RubyWorld 2019 (keynote).

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